Lowongan Kerja PT ADARO Indonesia Januari 2010

PT.Adaro Indonesia was established under the name PT Padang Karunia, a limited liability company established in Indonesia in 2004. On April 18, 2008 Padang Karunia changed its name to PT Adaro Energy Tbk in preparation for becoming a public company. Adaro Energy’s vision is to be the largest and most efficient integrated coal mining and energy company in South East Asia.

PT Adaro Energy Indonesia and its subsidiaries currently deal in coal mining and trade, coal infrastructure and logistics, and mining contractor service. Each operating subsidiary is positioned as an independent and integrated profit centre so that Adaro Energy has competitive and reliable coal production and a coal supply chain that produces optimum shareholder value. In the future, Adaro Energy may publicly list the strong performing subsidiaries to support further growth and development.

PT Adaro Indonesia Tanjung Tabalong Kalimantan Selatan operates under a Coal Mining Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Indonesia which gives it the right to mine coal within its Agreement Area in the Tanjung Tabalong district of Kalsel Province until the year 2022 with Rights to extend by mutual agreement are available.

There are three deposits within the Agreement Area which contain total coal resources of 2.8 billion tones of open cut coal characterized by extremely thick seams of up to 50 meters with relatively low overburdenhereby otter you the following positions:

1. Loading Supervisor – code LSPV
2. Junior Surveyor Slope Monitoring – code JSSM
3. GIS Database Engineer – code GISDE
4. Surveyor – code SVY
5. Plant Operation Supervisor (Kelanis) – code POS
6. Plant Maintenance Supervisor (Kelanis) – code PMSV
7. Camp Maintenance Supervisor (Kelanis) – code CMSV
8. Senior Mechanical Engineer (Kelanis) – code SME
9. Condition Monitoring (Kelanis) – code COM
10. Training Officer (Kelanis) – code TOF
11. IT NOC Engineer – code ITNOC
12. Waste Water Management Forement – code WWMF
13. Administration Officer – code ADMO
14. Mine Supervisor – code MSPR
15. Leadman Surveyor – code LSVY

Interested candidates are required to send the application letter together with CV and recent photograph, not later than 2 (two) weeks to: PO. BOX 110 TTB or E-mail : hr.kalimantan@ptadaro.com. Please put the position code as your email subject. Only sort listed candidates will be process.


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